About Jan Peterse:

Jan Peterse started his career in Upjohn the Netherlands in 1973 and gained experience in Sales, Marketing and Sales Training. He was Marketing Director for Upjohn South Africa and after that the General Manager in the following Countries: Denmark, South Africa, Korea, Canada & Mexico.

He also worked out of the New Jersey head office for Pharmacia with responsibility for Marketing and Business Relations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During his career he developed a name as an innovator and motivator of people and was involved in many re-engineering projects in an ever changing environment due to mergers and acquisitions. Upon retiring from Pharmacia, after the Pfizer acquisition, he was asked to join
Sanofi-Synthelabo as President for their Mexico operations. He decided to start his own Company Erasmus International after the acquisition of Aventis in early 2005.

Jan Petserse President & CEO  Using Mexico and The Netherlands as a base he  has already been successfully involved in a  number of projects involving Companies in:  Mexico, The Netherlands, Korea, Canada and  others.
 Jan Peterse, is proficient in various languages  including Dutch, English, German and Spanish. He  is familiar with many cultural differences around  the world and how this affects doing business in  these diverse settings.
 Apart from his business experience he served as  President of the American Chamber of Commerce  in Southern Africa as well as Chairman of the  Korean Research based Pharmaceutical Industry  Association (KRPiA).

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